10 days and counting

It doesn’t seem a year since we were last frantically getting ready for Chelsea – but it is.

It’s also doesn’t seem a year or so since all the the stress of will we have plants in time and so on – but it is.

Last year was noted for its very cold spring and a struggle to get plants flowering in time.  This year is different again – most people are talking about how early everything is.  But I’m still concerned as to whether our plants will be ready in time.  In spite of evicting the most advanced 4 plants from the greenhouse in the middle of February, the others have been slow to catch.  This year, I’ve barely had to shut the greenhouse doors at night – last year I ran up a hideous electricity bill with heaters running in both houses at night!


Last Friday I took this picture –


Just this lunchtime the same view looks somewhat different – just as well really!


We also have the supporting cast of plants getting ready too.  Last May I sowed a large batch of aquilegia seed – hopefully a good few of these will make it onto the stand –


Fingers crossed for some flowers soon!

All the best, Mark.



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2 responses to “10 days and counting

  1. Meryl hall

    They look really healthy plants, well done. Feel sure they will burst into flower within the next week and look superb x

  2. Terry & Jean

    Hi Mark. Thanks for the update. You will have to talk to the plants which is what Prince Charles does. I’m sure you will come up trumps. Good luck and lets hope the fine weather continues. See you at Chelsea Jean & Terry

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