Plants for Sale

Right now due to the Covid-19 we do for once actually have a handful of plants for sale.  They would have gone to a lecture and ultimately been replacement plants for our annual Chelsea exhibit for the Delphinium Society.

They are large plants in 3 Litre pots and grown in a loam based compost.  In other words, they are heavy and not really suited to posting out.  Please drop me a line to if you are in a position to collect.  These are all named cultivars – so have been raised from cuttings meaning you know exactly what you will get.

Varieties include ‘Orpheus’, ‘Spindrift’, ‘Loch Leven’, ‘Blue Tit’ & ‘Jill Curley’.

Later in the season we will have some freshly rooted cuttings which are much easier to post.  Again, drop me a line if you are interested.


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