Catching up!

Has been a good few years so I last wrote a blog update on our Chelsea exploits.  Far too long, especially as I find the photo record really useful in terms of the plants development and where they should be at a given point in time.

I’ll deal with the missing year first of all, the legend that was 2015!
2015, the kind of year Chelsea exhibitors dread.  A very cold – and even worse – very dull spring.  Cold and sunny is ok as under glass it is obviously much warmer.  Dull and cold is a disaster as plant growth is horrendously slow.

Cutting to the chase, for judging of our exhibit, we had one solitary floret open.  Yes, there were also some fairly poor white flowers, they were though cut flowers staged in lengths of waste pipe – just don’t tell anyone!
The judges didn’t mind though as we earned our first 4 Star Tradestand Award.  I think it must have been the slabs replacing the plastic grass!

The photo below was taken at the end of the week when a few more flowers had opened up.

To complete the preceding entries, here’s a picture of our 2016 stand, rather more flower power!

At the start of Chelsea week
And at the end of Chelsea Week. Huge difference in the plants

And a small insight into Chelsea build up. All the plants travel from the top of our garden to the front drive – a fair way. En route they visit the plant beauticians for tidying – this makes staging much, much quicker.

Next up will be 2017 – the year of getting to exhibit in the Great Pavilion!


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