Two weeks to go!

A fair sized update this evening!

First up, remember the bud from three weeks ago?  Here it is, it is the spike on the left!  The weather has been reasonable over the three weeks – border line too warm this weekend.  Always complaining!

imageHopefully it will still be ok for the show.  This is a last grown from my own hybridising so will be really pleased to have it on the stand.

As you can see, the plant is now outside.  Given the forecast for the next couple of weeks I’ve moved about 2o plants out of the greenhouse – this is to slow some down and also make space for those that remain.  Of course, it had to blow a hooly the day they moved outside.  Here’s a couple of pics.

We’ve had a busy day today, the plants are one thing – we also have a lot of other work to get the stand ready.  So plenty of woodworking and painting with more for next weekend.  Can’t wait to iron all that black sheeting to dress the stand….


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  1. Jean & Terry

    Hi Mark & Anne. Things are looking good. How lovely it was to have some decent weather this weekend to make up for lost time. I’m sure you have been worried as the plants have been quite slow getting started as its been so cold & miserable. Fingers crossed all will be OK for Chelsea week. Best wishes Terry & Jean. PS I bet Anne draws the short straw for the ironing of the black cloth !! 🙂

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