Mmmmm Flowers there are!!!

Well, what a difference a few days make!  Or as Yoda might say ” A few days and a difference there is!”

I’ve now taken 17 plants out of the greenhouse and placed them in sheltered spots around the garden – to, believe it or not, slow them down a touch.  Unlike most exhibitors we need the delphs to peak during the latter half of Chelsea week, when Society seed sales peak.  And, with the weather forecast in mind, slow them down we will!

Here’s a view of the most advanced plants with a few florets open.


We then have half a dozen just thinking about opening – they’re by the greenhouse door – some shade and protection from the wind.  one or two of these plants have been grown outside only since the end of February when they were already two feet tall.

There are another half a dozen still in the greenhouse that may well make it to the show – fingers crossed!

Here’s a picture of some of the support plants – a good group of Astrantia ‘Buckland’







And the aquilegia – I’m having to dead head these just as the flowers open to make sure they’ve still got flowers in a week’s time


Lastly – couldn’t resist a pic of ‘Kestrel’ – one of my favourite delphs for sure.

Cheers, Mark.





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2 responses to “Mmmmm Flowers there are!!!

  1. Meryl hall

    What a stunning bloom

  2. Rita Dyton

    Thanks for the pics Mark. Well done, they look good. Sunny days are forecast in the week but hopefully not too hot. Looking forward to next Tuesday. Rita and Frank

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