Chelsea 2016 – The Story So Far

So, you wait nearly two years for a post and then two come at once!

Has as become the routine, the delphiniums were loaded into the greenhouse in early January – just after all of the glass had been scrupulously cleaned.  Now, some of you may remember that we did not have much of a winter and I was very worried that the flowers would come and go before Chelsea.

I now laught at that thought and, as ever, am very worried about having some flowers in time for the show.  We might not have had much winter – sadly, not much spring either and growth has been slow.  Getting back from my work in Manchester on a Thursday night I don the head torch and go to the greenhouse.  The last two weeks have been disappointing with apparently little growth.

Having seen them properly in the light today, actually, they’ve grown enourmously.  Two weeks ago the stems were relatively thin and the foliage sparse.  Right now the stems are as thick as my thumb and the foliage much more lush.  Result!

The beauty of the blog though is that provided you put up regular pictures, you have a very good historical record.   This lets you compare plants with where they were in previous years.

April 15th 2013 and we had 4 buds.  April 16th 2016 and we also have 4 buds.  Oh the relief!!!

I’ll put some pictures up tomorrow.


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