Chelsea 2013 – Preview

Hi All, with just a week to go, it was time to mock up half of the stand on the lawn.

First job was to mark out half the stand on the ground to see the area to be ‘planted’.

Next was to carry down delphiniums and supporting cast to fill in the space.  The pictures below show the build with 7 delph plants in place.  Right now, there are maybe 22 delphiniums that might make the journey up to Chelsea – the vast majority have now left the safety of the greenhouse, with their pots buried to stop the wind doing its worst.  Fingers crossed they don’t get blown to bits or open up too much.  The first pic shows my gardener and a side on view of the stand.  The second picture shows the view the public will see – front on.


A final shot especially for Jean – these are the plastic nursery crates that we will use to construct the storage at the back of the stand – they can comfortably go four tiers high.


Fingers remaining firmly crossed for the next week.  All the best, Mark.



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2 responses to “Chelsea 2013 – Preview

  1. Rita Dyton

    Well done both – looks good. I’m looking forward to Tuesday. Hope the weather is better for next week. Rita

    • Hi Rita, thanks for the kind words. I’m really looking forward to Saturday as the stand will be build and I no longer have to fret over uncooperative plants!
      We were really pleased with the mock up last Saturday and I’m hopeful that we will have more delphs to put on the stand.
      All we need to do now is sell plenty of seeds and make 100 new members – am sure you can do that on Tuesday alone!

      All the best, Mark.

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