10 Days and Counting

Well, with the nice weather over the bank holiday we now have some flowers proper – in fact, the spikes are opening a little quicker than I would like.  I just need to put them in suspended animation whilst the others continue developing.

Since I don’t have the ability to do that, I’ve taken the plants out of the greenhouse and buried their pots up to the rim.  Luckily the weather is going to cool down and be less bright – hopefully that will slow them some.  There are of course gales and rain forecast…

I could do with some plants enjoying warm sun to bring them on, whilst the others endure a cold snap!  But no too cold and certainly no frost.

Here’s a shot of the plants dug in outside the greenhouse.  Usual early flowering suspects – ‘Ailsa’, ‘Spindrift’, ‘Gossamer’, ‘Summerfield Ariane’, ‘Rona’, ‘Darling Sue’.


And here’s one of the plants that remain in both greenhouses


One thing is for sure – try as you might, Nature remains in control!

I’ll try and get another update out at the weekend, all the best, Mark.


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