Chelsea 2013 – we made it!!!

Hi, well, It’s been a very long weekend.  Van picked up Friday evening, loaded Friday night, to bed after midnight, couldn’t sleep, up early to drive to the show.We eventually finished staging at 7:30 and I returned today to add the finishing touches of flower arrangement and labeling.

In the title, I wrote – “We made it” and I emphasis the we.  To get the stand built has taken a lot of help and here are the thank yous –

– John Barrington, encouragement and knowledge of growing delphs for Chelsea

– Sue Ward – input on design (Sue’s won gold at Chelsea in the past)

– Joan Taylor – owner of Birchwood Plants and a real help in supplying some of the plants to support the delphs

– Nick Langdon – of Blackmore and Langdon – for comparing notes on how our respective plants were doing

– Tim Withers for looking after the plants whilst we went on hols

– Granny and Grandma – childcare while we get to play plants!

– Jackie Jack – for helping to build the stand

– And finally, Anne for opening greenhouse doors and watering – every day, painting pergolas, table, chairs and canes.  And for being my wife – very many thanks


Next stop is the Romsey Show in September.  Two years ago we staged cut flowers – this year, we’re planning on a garden…

I’ll try and add another pic from the weekend – will be interesting to see how much it has changed.

All the best, Mark.


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