A bud, a bud – YES!!!!!

Hi All, just back from a week away skiing when our delphs were entrusted to our wonderful next door neighbour.

Well, what a difference a week makes, the plants had filled out enormously and their leaves had really grown in size and the stems had thickened up nicely.  Best of all for this stressed out grower was the sight of a couple of buds!!!  Speaking with Rosemary Langdon, they reckon on 4 weeks from bud to flower – so fingers crossed.  I nipped up to the greenhouse late tonight when I got back from work and – lo and behold, two more buds!

I also have a grow light that will get installed in the next couple of days – I’ve also turned up the thermostats on the heaters – to hell with the expense, I want some flowers!


I will try and put a few more pictures up at the weekend along with a revised bud count – currently at 4!

Good growing, Mark.


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