A few days and a big difference!

Wow, we had two buds on Sunday night and now 7!  And that does not include all the ones hiding away in the growing point.  Gossamer has even started to extend slightly.

In this update I’m including a couple of pics of the supporting cast of plants.

In this photo are some Orlaya grandiflora.  We grew these in 7cm squares over the winter, there are now three plants in each 3 litre pot.

On the left you can see a few Nicotiana mutabilis – these are the smaller ones.


Here are the main hopes for Chelsea on the delphinium front.

In front of them are the best of the Nicotiana in 3 litre pots.  I saw these at Chelsea last year and bought some seeds.  Look carefully and you can see they’re beginning to run up spikes of their own.  Tucked away in there are also some hardy geranium, aquilegia and brunneras.


Cheers for now, Mark.


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