Delphiniums – they’re growing!

In spite of the most hideous weather imaginable for the time of year, the delphiniums are continuing to grow – just!

We’ve now moved 30 or so plants into our new greenhouse – that was last thing on Good Friday.  Today they were staked, tidied and top dressed – just how lucky can a plant get!

One of the drawbacks of having had them crammed into the one house was that it made watering very difficult, as a result some went a little on the dry side with the lower leaves dieing off as a result.  Fingers crossed that the top dressing is going to make a big difference.  I’ve used this fertiliser in the past.  On one occasion, I remember the most pathetic little stem in a pot swelled from the size of a drinking straw (thin one at that) to the size of a thick finger.  Speaking of fingers, fingers crossed that the things actually flower in time.

Here’s a shot from earlier this evening – very atmospheric into the sun.


Note the steps and DPC liner – getting the plants in a growing was the priority.  Hopefully the surrounding wreckage will be tidied up at some point during the summer…






The plants are now split between the two houses – mostly in the new one as there is nothing else in there.

IMG_0290    There are still a few to left to stake but they’re mostly done.

If you peer into the growing tip of the plants, it’s just possible to see a tiny flower bud.

I’m back off to work first thing so will be back on Friday night – I shall pray for some warmer and brighter weather.  Should we get that, I’m expecting to see quite a difference – 7 weeks and counting!





Here’s a shot of our other house.  These plants are mostly smaller and less likely to make a good spike.

However, I do recognise that in 7 weeks time, any spike may be a good spike – either way, a few smaller flowers will deffo be a welcome edition.

Til next time, all the best, Mark.IMG_0291


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  1. Terry & Jean Woolley

    Hi Mark & Anne
    Well done with your efforts so far for Chelsea. Keep up the good work.
    A team effort! I’m sure the committee will be impressed.
    Terry & Jean

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