Delphiniums for Chelsea 2013

As you can see – have finally made a few minutes to update the blog – third post of the evening!

Trying to grow a reasonable number of delphiniums for the Delphinium Society stand is decidedly daunting.  For the last decade or so about 25 plants have made their way to Chelsea from John Barrington’s nursery in Somerset.  Not that many you might think – but actually, that is 25 plants from around 250 or so – or 10%.  In some years, when I’ve been to collect them, there has been the luxury of choice.  In some years there are only 25 with the right amount of flower – the bulk having gone over or being yet to flower.

Back in early January, 71 plants were placed into our 12*8 greenhouse – jam packed and shoulder to shoulder with a small electric fan heater set to keep the frost out and no more.


There they are – mostly in 7.5 or 10 litre pots.  There are also a good few in 5 litre pots too.

iPhone Pics 020And here they are a few weeks ago, lots of growth with a mix of results.

I really wish the new house had been ready sooner as they were near impossible to water with this amount of growth and at this spacing.

I’ll update this post later in the weekend with a picture of the plants in the new house, they have grown immensely in the last few weeks and the best are now set out in the new greenhouse!


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