Chelsea 2013 – the structure

It’s been a very busy couple of months with building the greenhouse and other preparations for this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.

A key feature of this year’s Delphinium Society stand will be a small pergola and patio table/chairs.

The pergola has been built from FSC softwood from B&Q – it probably comes from Eastern Europe, rather than the non-FSC stamped timber I could have bought from the local sawmill and sourced from the Forestry Commission.  However, the authorities like the FSC stamp regardless of the eco-disaster in terms of transportation.

Here’s the pergola underway

iPhone Pics 026

We’ve also been constructing the edging for the beds that will hide the pots the plants are growing in –

iPhone Pics 028

We’re not saying the carpentry is fairly ‘rustic’ but the pot does make a nice accent point – am thinking it needs filling with some nice pale yellow violas to add a little colour low down.

We also have a patio table and chairs from the tip.  These are being sandblasted down and repainted in ‘country cream’ – check back later and I will add a before and after picture.  Early results with the paint brush are looking good.


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