Cold, cold, cold, cold

….just for the record – it’s been blummin cold!  You may have even noticed.

With the weather and and even busier than ever working life, progress has been slow with building our second greenhouse for this year’s Chelsea Flower Show delphiniums.

For the record, last December Mark bid for, and won, a used Robinson 12*8 greenhouse.  The footings were dug at the end of the Xmas hols.  They then promptly filled with water and 4 weeks ago we eventually got our builder friend around to build the walls for the frame to sit on.  He came on the two days of reasonable weather we’ve had this year – early March and there he was laying bricks in his shorts!

iPhone Pics 019

There’s the result, we’ve lined the inside of the brickwork with a damp proof course membrane.  This keeps the greenhouse free from the damp of the soil and bricks.

Next, the floor is laid – just loose pea shingle which lets the pots sit nice and level in their saucers.

Continuing with the cold theme – here’s Anne cleaning down the greenhouse frame.  With the weather being cold anyway – it was excruciating once you’re wet from slopping plenty of water about!

iPhone Pics 018


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