Chelsea starts here

Well, with New Year out the way it’s time to start thinking Chelsea.  Well, a lot more than thinking, it’s time to start doing.

So, last weekend whilst the wind blew a gale and the rain came down all but horizontally, it was time to start cleaning – and people talk about the glamour of Chelsea.

I can’t see much glamour in here!









Nearly there with the cleaning – just one side to do inside and then all of the outside.  Maximum light will be essential to the delphs in the early months of the year.

It was also time to bring a few plants in – 42 to be precise. I decided to bring in some of the mid to late season cultivars first of all.  Next weekend I will bring in some of the known earlier flowerers such as ‘Rona’, ‘Gossamer’ and ‘Spindrift’.  Looking around the garden there’s another 70 or so to choose from to get a variety of cultivars and sizes.  It was too late to start cleaning them up but as luck would have it they weren’t too weedy.









Here’s to next weekend with the equally glamorous job of weeding and pot cleaning.  But perhaps a few seeds might also go in…

Best wishes, Mark.



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One response to “Chelsea starts here

  1. Meryl hall

    In 3 months time that empty greenhouse will look an absolute picture x x

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