It’s been far too long!

I think along with many others we started this blog off with the intention of regular, maybe even weekly, updates!!!

Wow, what was I thinking?  So, I will make an effort to try and bring things up to date with some pictures in the coming days.  For this post I will just provide a review of the last 6 months or so.

Well, September 2011 will be remembered for our first ever Gold Medal for a display of delphiniums.   We also had a number of seed raised delphiniums flowering in to October and even November and I will try and post some pictures in the coming weeks.

The winter was spent preparing for opening our garden for the Hampshire group of the Hardy Plant Society of which Mark is Vice-Chairman.  Whilst we really enjoyed the opening and did complete a number of projects it took up time that we could have used to develop our small nursery.  But never mind, this will continue during the summer and autumn.  Our opening took place in February with spot on timing to catch our one and only snowfall of the winter.  At breakfast time we expected not a soul to show up but were delighted with 28 hardy planters coming to take a look at the snowdrops.

Since February we have been beavering away on finishing some landscaping jobs in the garden – the vegetable garden now has gravel paths with the growing areas contained within boards to keep things nice and tidy.

We have also sown LOTS of seeds and are busy now pricking out and growing on.  We’ve also been able to take lots of cuttings of some favourites including phlox, asters and penstemons.  We’ve learned a good few lessons in doing this and we will definitely make it the subject of a more detailed post.

Well, I did say it was a quick update!  The next post will, I promise follow a little sooner!


Best wishes, Anne and Mark.


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