Simply Delphiniums

Welcome to SimplyDelphs.Com! – the delphinium pages of Anne and Mark Lyman.

These pages will be used to chronicle our experiences of growing garden delphiniums.
We also plan to provide lots of useful (we hope) information for those who are keen to grow these beautiful plants in their gardens.

Speaking with many gardeners over the years some people seem to struggle to grow good delphiniums  – those of the quality seen at the Chelsea Flower Show and the like.

However, we have found them to be very accommodating, requiring the minimum of care that deliver fantastic results year after year.  Many people report their delphiniums flowering well even after 15 years in the ground!  In fact, one of our Mums has moved house three times, on each occasion digging up her beloved plants and replanting in her new garden with great success.

Others whom we have given plants in the past have also reported success where they have suffered repeated failures in the past.  And that is why we have decided to put our experiences on line in the hope that more and more people will grow these plants and find them to be a real talking point in their gardens.  Some of the plants we grow even appear to be resistant to slugs!

The secret to growing good delphiniums lies in obtaining the very best plant material; the answer is literally in the genes but more of that in future posts…

Enjoy your garden, best wishes, Anne and Mark.



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2 responses to “Simply Delphiniums

  1. Sue Leadbetter

    Well done at the Romsey Show. Your blooms look magnificent!!!!! Lots and lots of luck with your wonderful site!
    Warmest regards
    Sue Leadbetter

  2. Les Cooper

    Hello Anne

    You may not remember me but Mark will, I am just writing to say well done with your article and with your display at the Romsey Show. As you can imagine it made me smile because I could just see Mark nearly leaving in you in the mire due to his blighted work. Thank him for his company at Allan’s funeral.

    All the best

    Les Cooper

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